Sylvie Zhao 趙新伟

203-7080 River Road
Richmond BC  V6X 1X5

Phone: (778)708-0035

Sylvie Zhao 趙新伟

Real Estate = Investment = Hope and Future
Professional Advice from a True Professional
I’m proud to be a Vancouverite! Living in North America since the 90’s, I have diverse life and business investment experiences that enables me to provide top-notch professional services for customers that choose to live and to invest in Vancouver. Should you allow me to assist in every step of the way for your residential purchase or commercial investment, I will certainly live up to your trust and support!
I’m genuine and professional and will tailor your residential or investment plans for your circumstances. I firmly believe in professionalism and high efficiency when providing services to all my customers. My goal is to help you realize the highest level of profit margin on all your investments.
Based on your own needs and situation, I will find the most suitable home to purchase or business to invest in. My team includes realtors, mortgage brokers, construction builders and lawyers to provide you with all the services you will need in one stop.
1. Residential Property: professional real estate market research and consulting; take you to see homes from desired areas; help you as expert negotiator; act in your best interest throughout the process; audit files and documents; investigate seller’s title of the property; help you secure low mortgages from bank or private lender; assist you in finalizing all required documentation. For information about school rankings and characteristics of the residential property in school zones, please refer to my website or contact me directly.
2. Investment Property: provide you with professional data analysis; help you achieve the best return on investment.
3. Business Investment: tailor the best investment plan and direction to your circumstances to achieve the highest return on investment and provide free assistance throughout the process.
• Free --- Tailor a plan to your personal situation.
• Free --- Professional assessment of house prices.
• Free --- Professional photographs and videos of the property.
• Free --- Comprehensive Promotion of your property.
• Free --- Reception services (new immigrants or from another city – conditions apply).
One on one professional advices and real estate services: assist you in efficiently completing a transaction. I look forward to working with you! I wish every friend to enjoy a beautiful life in Vancouver.

地产 = 投资 = 希望和未来
本人将根据您的需要和条件,找到最适合您的居住和投资的方向。本人的团队由地产经纪、贷款经纪、建筑商和律师等组成,将为您提供全方位一站式 服务。
1. 自住房:为您提供专业的房地产市场调查与咨询;带您到适合您的地区找房看房;发挥好谈判高手的职能,竭尽全力为您争取最大权益;审核房产文件,调查对方产权证背景;帮您寻找低首付低利率贷款银行或公司;协助您办理您所需要的各项手续。温哥华地区学校排名及周边房屋分布特征,您可以进入我的网站直接查询,也可以直接联系咨询我本人。
2. 投资房:为您提供专业的数据分析,帮您达成最理想的投资回报。
3. 投资生意:为您量身定位,协助您找准投资方向,完成最高回报率的投资生意交易。全程免费协助跟踪服务。

• 免费——根据您的个人情况,制定您专属的计划
• 免费——专业准确评估房屋价格
• 免费——专业拍摄室内外图片和视频
• 免费——全方位推广您的物业
• 免费——接待服务(新移民或非本市居民 — 有一定条件)

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