NatureSong 2022

05:00 pm - 02 September 2022

@ NatureBoy Project

1823 E 2nd Ave.
Vancouver BC  V5N 1E3

--------------- an Eco-Art Project -----------------

A Nature-powered festival of music, art & ecology.
*** This musical project is powered by Clean Renewable Energies!

for the protection and preservation of
- The Great Bear Rainforest -

~ River Stage
Harnessing the flow of the river to power an entire live music stage.
Music & Dance from around the World will be shared with sensitivity to wildlife & delight for the Human ear.

~ Sun, Wind & People
Solar, Wind & Pedal Power amplify the Music & Visual Art, enhancing the Beauty of Nature under the Stars!

~ Forest Stage
An Acoustic stage in the Forest

** We're looking for collaborators to facilitate the following:

~ Enchantment
* Aerial Dance in the Forest
* Imagination Storytelling
* Magic Show in the Forest
* Nature & Science Dome
* Travelling Alchemist
* Treasure hunt in the Forest

~ Playshops
* Acro Yoga by the river
* Building a tree-house
* Climbing Trees
* Drums in the forest
* Dance in nature
* Hoop Dance by the river
* Hide-and-seek in the forest
* Making musical instruments from vegetables
* Marimbas in the forest
* Painting in nature
* Poi-play by the river
* Rock-stacking
* Stilts - catch me if you can on stilts!
* The Art of Bare-foot walking

~ Workshops
* Bear & Wolf biology and awareness
* Biodiversity - the secret of nature
* Building a compostable outhouse
* Forest mushrooms
* Gardening for the birds and bees! Wildlife friendly gardens
* How to navigate at night without depending on technology
* Indigenous art In the wilderness
* Indigenous medicine and healing plants
* Nutrition and food preparation
* Qi Gong in nature
* Rainwater catchment 101
* Seed to seed - to grow a meal
* The art of listening to nature
* Wilderness survival 101
* Wild & medicinal food foraging
* Wildlife photography
* Wood chopping and fire 101
* Wellbeing and longevity
* We are the environment!
* Yoga in the forest
* Zero waste in daily living

~ Healing & Rejuvenation
Sweat lodge
Sanctuary tent for the healing arts
Didgeridoo & sacred sound healing
Breath & voice - the music of life
Transformational breath-work

~ Explore
River crossing
Natural hot springs
Sea of hammocks
Teepee village
A circle of fire
Zulla of chai, chocolate & coffee

~ Food
Good food is as important as good music!
Locally sourced and prepared by the most passionate chefs/caterers to share their love for food with us.

~ Beautiful outhouses
Our outhouses will be 100% compostable, semi-hidden in nature.. built by carpenters/ artists in our community. Each one will be a unique piece of art!

~ Contributions

Early Bird Festival Contributions:

~ Salmon Spirit ~ $75
One day @ NatureSong 2018

~ Eagle Spirit ~ $100
Night & Day @ NatureSong 2018
* includes overnight camping

~ Wolf Spirit ~ $150
2 days & 2 nights @ NatureSong 2018
* includes 2 nights of camping

~ Spirit Bear ~ $200
3 days & 3 nights @ NatureSong 2018
* includes 3 nights of camping

~ Spirit of the River ~ $250
3 days & 3 nights @ NatureSong 2018
* includes 3 nights of camping
* transportation from Vancouver & back

~ Spirit of the Rainforest ~ $300
3 days & 3 nights @ NatureSong 2018
* includes 3 overnights in a shared teepee of four
* transportation from Vancouver & back

~ Nature's Spirit ~ $400
All of the above plus a meal plan!
* The meal plan will include two meals a day ( brunch and dinner) planned and executed by chefs Martin Comtois and Ilan Wright. Food is organically grown and locally sourced. The meal plan is valued at $100!

*** The Smaller Your Foot Print The Bigger Your Savings ***

* 40% off for participants who hike or bike

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